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About Us

Where it began

Sharon and Desley are the wedding planning sister pair that make up and bring to life the business that is now known and loved. It all started in 2005 when Sharon got hitched. After all the googling, phone calling, decision making, spreadsheet building, people herding and packing up, there was barely enough energy or sanity for the wedding day itself.

Despite being exhausted, the wedding was beautiful and guests soon began turning to Sharon to help plan their own wedding. While taking care of the finer details, Sharon saw first-hand how much it helped her friends relax, soak up the moment, and be present with their loved ones. Lucky for her, Sharon’s sister Desley also shares the same creativity and tireless energy, and the pair teamed up to become the dynamic duo behind Inspired by You.

“The bond we share as sisters is incredibly close. From turning up to events wearing the same thing,

to sharing the same creative ideas and thoughts, together as a team, we were meant to dream big

and help others celebrate their special moments in life.”


Working with us

At Inspired by You, our aim is to ensure you have the best experience, from the initial phone call to the final toast (cheers!). Here’s what you can expect with us on your team...

Friendships and connections

Because of our genuine, country warmth and utmost devotion, we get to know every single one of our clients on a truly personal level. From a deep breath and dress fluff, to the quick smile you need before you walk down the aisle, we are with you every step of the way.

Practical tips and honest advice

We’re known for providing logical, calm and practical wedding and event styling services. We’re sensible and realistic which translates beautifully into meticulous, yet flexible planning and design.


Personalised to your budget

We understand that weddings or special events can be expensive. We love the challenge of working within a budget and can do as much, or as little, as you need. Truly, every budget can afford help!


Communication at every step

It's important to us that we create a constant dialogue. Throughout our journey together you can email, chat about your worries and expect us to be right there for you on the day. There is no question too silly, no request too great, or no phone call or email left unanswered.

Weddings in Tenterfield

Located high in the New South Wales tablelands just below the Queensland border (three hours from Brisbane) our welcoming, stunning countryside region is the dream location for couples looking to tie the knot. Summer brings the prospect of outdoor celebrations, March to May boasts stunning autumn leaves, winter is cold but atmospheric and late spring is gloriously photogenic.

Whether you’re looking to tie the knot outside the big city, or are celebrating your special day on the family farm, let us help plan your dream wedding in Tenterfield.

Some Praise

“What can we say! Sharon and Desley brought a level of expertise, comfort and assurance throughout the whole wedding process. The service they provided on the day was very discrete but in such a way that everything just seemed to happen, regardless of the weather and rearranging! There are not enough words to thank you both!”

Murphy Family

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